Stay Productive This Season

Happy good looking elderly man in a plaid shirt sits on a sofa in the living room and learns to play acoustic guitar online using a Laptop
During the winter season, you may be tempted to stay inside curled up on the couch while binge watching your favorite tv show on Hulu or Netflix. As fun as those plans may sound, there is nothing saying you cannot have an active and advantageous winter. Here are four things... [read more]

Skin Care Tips This Winter

Winter skin care. A woman applies hand cream in the winter
The cool temperatures of fall and winter can be refreshing after the sweltering heat of Alabama summers, but replicating your radiant, summer skin in the winter can be tough. Revamp your regular skincare routine with these tips and tricks to keep your skin soft, glowing, and hydrated all winter long. Be... [read more]

Get New Tires For The New Year

A new tire is placed on the tire storage rack in the car workshop. Be prepared for vehicles that need to change tires.
OK, you didn't want to spend Christmas money on new tires, but now it's the new year. You need to consider the practicalities of daily driving. The fact of the matter is that tires wear out, and you need to keep a close eye on them to make sure you... [read more]

How To Reset After Christmas

Scoop with a brush, dry twigs, fallen spruce needles and broken ball
It can be difficult to switch from holiday mode to your normal routine once Christmas is over. All the festivity and holiday events can take over your life as well as your home for several weeks that once Christmas has passed, it can be hard getting back to a simpler... [read more]

Prepare For The New Year

2023 new year's resolutions concept
2022 is coming to a close. You probably already have New Year's Eve plans, but have you made any plans for the entire upcoming year? Before you can step in 2023, take time to reboot, review, and revive with these tips, so you can handle whatever the next year throws... [read more]

Great Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

A woman ties a ribbon on her DIY Christmas gift
If you're a little behind on your Christmas shopping, take a look at these last minute Christmas gifts. These DIY gifts are easy to make, thoughful, and your friends and family will adore them. Spa Day in A Box How many of your friends and family spend all day, every day on... [read more]

Auto Care This Season

Pouring antifreeze
Winter weather can certainly take a toil on your vehicle, especially if you do not adequate care for your car. As the winter season approaches, it is essential that you check certain parts of your vehicle. This list offers helpful advice for taking care of your automobile during these cold... [read more]

Tips For Baking This Christmas

Grandparents making Christmas gingerbread cookies with granddaughter. It's a Christmas time.
Baking during the Christmas season can be so much fun. It is a great activity for the whole family. Whether you enjoy making a gingerbread house, baking a batch of sugar cookies to decorate, or a Yule Log for dessert on Christmas Day, you can create sweet memories baking delicious... [read more]

Spend The Day At Lake Lurleen State Park

Grandfather and grandchild on a fishing adventure
As the year will soon come to a close, the fall season will transition into winter. While the temperatures begin to drop, that doesn't mean you cannot enjoy some time outdoors. In fact, there are many great outdoor activities to enjoy during this time of the year. For Tuscaloosa residents,... [read more]

Bake Up Some Sweet Potato Snickerdoodles

Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies. Seasonal Autumn Homemade Cookies, top view, copy space. Traditional desert Snickerdoodles for Autumn.
It is no surprise that people are starting to make cookies this time of year. Batches of chocolate chip, peanut butter, raisin oatmeal, and even the classic sugar cookie. Each delicious in its own right, but one cookie offers a subtle, aromatic sweetness – the snickerdoodle. Some people argue that the... [read more]