8 Kid Friendly Crafts For Mother’s Day

Children crafting Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is only six days away. If you haven’t already created an amazing Mother’s Day gift, we have a few great ideas you can craft with your little ones.

Kid-Friendly Mother’s Day Wall Art

  • Rainbow Foot Print – This is a great gift for a new mommy. You might think a five-month-old is too young for crafts, but footprint art allows you to make a sentimental piece that gets the baby involved.
  • Dandelion Fingerprint Art – Anything on a burlap canvas instantly looks rustic. If your wife is into farmhouse chic décor she will adore this dandelion fingerprint painting.
  • Silhouette Art – Mom will be able to add a classic feel to any room or even her desk space with these simple silhouette pieces made for pictures of her children.

Kid-Friendly Mother’s Day Dishware

  • Heart Thumbprint Platter –  If you have more than one kid and you want to get them all involved in creating a single gift, this is an easy and simple idea. You’ll use your little ones’ thumbprints to create heart shapes on a long platter. This is a wonderful gift that she can put on a shelf, or use for Valentine’s Day décor.
  • Handprint Coaster – This is a classic Mother’s Day craft you may remember doing yourself.  It is an easy craft for you to complete with young children and it doesn’t require a lot of supplies.
  • Floral Mug – Is mom a coffee or tea drinker? Then she’ll love this easy-to-make floral mug. The mug is simple to make and only requires a set of paint markers and a plain mug to complete it.

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Kid-Friendly Mother’s Day Décor Gifts

  • Polaroid Magnets – A photo album filled with memorable moments would make a great Mother’s Day gift, but turning Mom’s favorite memories into magnets she can use anywhere is even better.
  • DIY Wind Chimes – How many old keys do you have on your keychain? If you have at least five, you and your little one can have a blast creating a colorful DIY wind chime. All you need for this craft is old keys, a stick, and string. Acrylic paint is optional.

These are all easy, low-cost crafts that don’t require a lot of materials. They’ll make great gifts that your wife will appreciate. But, the best thing about crafting Mother’s Day gifts with your kids is the wonderful bonding memories you’ll make together. So, pick a gift or two and get crafting.

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