Car Washing Tips To Avoid Damage

Handsome man washing car

Having a clean exterior makes us feel really good. The world causes all kinds of mud and dirt to get on our cars, but we do not always have the time or money to get our cars cleaned professionally. If you are wanting to wash your car and save some money doing so, Consumer Reports has these car washing tips for you.

Product Dos and Don’ts

When using cleaning products for your car, you should always use products made for cars and not household cleaners. Household cleaners are not formulated for the finish of your car’s paint. By using products meant for your car, you will protect the finish. If you have hard-to-get-off tar or bugs, you can use a more intense car cleaner with a soft rag.

You should also use a different sponge for the car and the wheels and tires. Since wheels and tires are closer to the ground, there is debris that could damage the rest of your car. You also only need soap and water to clean tires. Tire dressing products do not protect tires, they are simply cosmetic. Finally, you should wax your car to help protect it from the elements.

Car Washing Guidelines

You should rinse all surfaces thoroughly with water before you begin to knock the dirt and dust loose. Then, concentrate on washing one section of the car at a time to you can rinse that section before the soap dries. You should also bring the soap to a lather in ensure lubrication when cleaning. Rinse the sponge thoroughly in a bucket separate from soapy water to keep dust and dirt away.

You should never wash your car when the body is hot because heat causes soap and water to dry faster and can leave marks or deposits. You also should never move the sponge in circular motions. You should move the sponge length-wise to avoid any scratches that circular motions produce.

How to Dry Your Car

You should always use a soft terry or chamois towel and you will need may. Or, you can speed up the processes with a soft squeegee. A soft towel is needed so scratches will not form. Never let your car air dry because it will leave watermarks.

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Cleaning Tips

To clean your cup holders, take an old sock and place it over a cup. Then spray the sock and cup holder with cleaner and use the cup to get the trash out. For your vents, take a rag and spray it with the cleaner to whip down the guard. Then you can use old makeup brushes to clean further in the vent. Finally, when cleaning out your car, make sure that you remove heavy objects that could cause hurt if heavy breaking or an accident occurs.

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