Decorate For The Season With These Fall DIY Projects

Fall crafts

Part of the allure of fall is not only the changing of the leaves, or the crisp, cool afternoons, or even a hot mug of apple cider, but it is the perfect time to ditch the summer décor in favor of pumpkins and everything orange, red, and yellow.

Before you head to the nearest store and load up on premade seasonal decorations, take some time to browse through our list of craft ideas. Each of these DIY projects can be used as fall decorations that can be left up until the first hint Christmas settles in for the final leg of the year.

“Hello Fall” Decorative Sign

This cute little sign idea ushers in the best season of the year. This simple sign can be created with items found in most craft stores. All you need is a raw wood plaque, some paint lettering, twine, mini clothespins, coordinating fabrics, and more. This fun project might not be completed by the time you finish a cup of cider, but once finished, it will enliven any room that you place it in.

Click here for all the items that you need along with detailed instructions.

Wine Cork Pumpkin

Do you have a surplus of bottles lying about? Then put their corks to good use with this adorable pumpkin-shaped masterpiece that is assembled and decorated by you. This easy and fun project needs only but a few items: 34 corks, orange paint, green scrapbook paper, hot glue gun, newspaper, scissors, and more.

Once finished, you can adorn this little gem of a pumpkin on a mantle or tabletop.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to craft this item.

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Autumn Mason Jar Candle Holder

There are a ton of ways to decorate mason jars. With this beautiful crafting idea, we turn a mason jar into a symbol of fall thanks to fake autumn leaves and a candle. All you need for this project are faux autumn leaves, a mason jar, mod podge, and a sponge brush. Once you finish, place the candle inside and watch it light the room with beautiful orange, red, and yellow fall colors.

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