Get New Tires For The New Year

A new tire is placed on the tire storage rack in the car workshop. Be prepared for vehicles that need to change tires.

OK, you didn’t want to spend Christmas money on new tires, but now it’s the new year. You need to consider the practicalities of daily driving. The fact of the matter is that tires wear out, and you need to keep a close eye on them to make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

Pay Attention

Ever watch the World Series of Poker? Different players have different ‘tells’ — expressions, movements, mannerisms — that can give the game away. Savvy players watch their opponents for those tells. It’s much the same way with your tires, as there are several ways that you can figure out whether you’re about to need new tires. Most modern cars have a sensor that tells you whether your tires are maintaining air pressure. If they’re not, it’s time to do a visual survey of your tires. Is one (or more) low? Are there cracks in the sidewalls? Is there an odd bulge or bubble in the wall? That’s bad news, and you should come in to see us as soon as you can in order to get that taken care of.

Tread On Me

And then there’s the tire tread. Our technicians see all kinds of worn tires — some of them worn right down to the steel belts so that the separated tread is visible. Please don’t do this. It’s dangerous to you, to your passengers, and to other people on the road. Yes, new tires can be expensive, but they are cheap compared to collision repair or the costly aftermath of an accident. Here’s another thing to watch for: Uneven tread on your tires. This isn’t nearly as dangerous as wearing the tread all the way down, but it is a key sign that your tires will need to be replaced soon. So keep an eye out.

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Don’t Fret

Trained, knowledgeable technicians and great customer service can make replacing tires easier than you think. Everyone hates the expense of maintaining good tires, but in the long run, it would be far more expensive to just let it ride.

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