Head To Taco Casa For A Tasty Meal

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Taco Casa is a down-home spot featuring delicious Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. The founder, Rod Wilkin, fulfilled a long-cherished dream of opening a Mexican restaurant in Tuscaloosa. Since 1974, Taco Casa has been a mainstay in the Tuscaloosa dining scene, offering a big menu full of an even bigger heart. Now, under the biggest cactus in town, you can join the thousands of others who return again and again. Head to Taco Casa for a tasty meal.

Back to Basics With Taco Casa Tacos

There’s something so satisfying about that first crunchy bite of a hard shell taco. In this case, Taco Casa knows that simple is best. Guests can order hard or soft shell tacos filled with perfectly seasoned ground beef. Then shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, diced tomato, and your choice of sauce complete the picture. Best of all, the classic tacos are $1.68 each. It won’t cost an arm and a leg to fill your stomach. You can also order chicken tacos for only a few cents more.

Taco Casa Famous Favorites

Locals have made it clear that there are some clear favorites at Taco Casa. The Sancho is a hefty burrito that tastes like a soft taco. You can order the Sancho with chicken or beef. Another fan favorite is the Chicken Casa Pizza. Seasoned chicken, lettuce, cheese, and hot sauce rest on top of a deliciously crispy flour tortilla base. Tomatoes, sour cream, and jalapeños put the finishing touch on it. Another great choice is the Chimalupa, Taco Casa’s taco salad. Either order the Beef or Chicken Chimalupa as-is or customize it.

Voted Best Sweet Tea in Town

When locals vote you Best Tea in town, that’s quite an accomplishment. Order perfectly balanced sweet tea, or grab an unsweetened one. Drinks come in the signature Taco Casa logo cup in large portions. And you’ll need the 32-ounce size if you’re adding hot sauce to everything.

Taco Casa Goes Nationwide

Both locals and visitors love Taco Casa merchandise. Visit the online store for that iconic logo on t-shirts, hats, tumblers, etc. In addition, gift bags are available, as well as 45th-anniversary gear.

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“There Is Nothing More Tuscaloosa Than Taco Casa”

After a long-time fan spoke those words, the owners of Taco Casa took them to heart and decided to offer the Taco Casa flavor to everyone. Get handcrafted burritos shipped nationwide. They’re frozen and then carefully packed in special coolers to ensure you get the Taco Casa flavor you’re craving. After getting your special package, mark your location on the map to show how far the Taco Casa flavor has gone.

With multiple locations across Tuscaloosa and burrito shipping nationwide, you’re never too far from a Taco Casa. So what are you waiting for?

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