Hyundai Gives Back With Hope On Wheels

young boy with pediatric cancer smiling at doctor

Few things are as devastating as pediatric cancer. Children should get to enjoy their childhood without dealing with the impact of this disease. Awareness and innovative research provide the foundation for improving the lives of these children while protecting the next generation. That’s why Hyundai started Hope on Wheels 23 years ago. Every time someone purchases a Hyundai in the United States, a part of the sale goes to Hope on Wheels. Then Hyundai uses the funds to disperse grants to researchers and institutions. Thus far, the donations have added up to $185 million, and the number keeps growing.

Find out more about Hyundai Hope on Wheels. Then, if you would like to donate by purchasing a new Hyundai, visit your local dealer.

Hyundai Quantum Award

The Hyundai Quantum Award provides $1 million to Children’s Oncology Group member institutions. This will help fund research on childhood cancers with high mortality rates. These grants are spread out over four years, with eligible institutions receiving $250,000 a year. The grant stands out as one of the most sizable awards offered to pediatric cancer researchers. It helps them find new therapeutic strategies and immunotherapies.

Impact Grants

Children’s Oncology Group member institutions can also apply for Impact Grants. Then they can use the $50,000 award for research or programmatic support. Also, institutions can use the money to fund direct patient assistance programs. With so many options, this award allows institutions to reach new heights. Also, it allows institutions to provide more for patients and families.

Quantum Collaboration Award

Collaboration between institutions is vital. By working together, researchers can identify new treatment options for children. That, in turn, can reduce the mortality rate. Hyundai offers this $2.5 million award to institutions looking to improve diagnosis and treatment. This award focuses on four types of pediatric cancers. As a result, researchers can unlock discoveries.

Scholar Hope Grant

Translational research is critical for finding new treatments for pediatric cancer. Also, researchers find ways to improve the lives of the children affected by cancer. This type of research takes time, effort, and money. Fortunately, Hyundai helps researchers by offering them a $300,000 Scholar Hope Grant. The grant is highly competitive, with top researchers applying for the funds. A panel reviews applicants and chooses ones that can make the most significant strides in the fight against childhood cancer.

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Young Investigator Grant

Hyundai understands that researchers can unlock scientific breakthroughs at any point in their careers, even during their fellowship training. The $200,000 Young Investigator Grant provides those men and women funds for research to help understand the biology of pediatric cancer.

If you would like to join the fight against cancer, you can learn more at Tuscaloosa Hyundai in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We can discuss our Hope on Wheels program and explain how the purchase of a new Hyundai can help you fund research and treatment.

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