Jazz Up Family Movie Night With These Essentials

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Time together with family is more important now than ever before. Having a regular family movie night is a wonderful way to bond and build lasting memories with the ones we love. You may already have a regular movie night routine and maybe looking for ways to jazz things up, or you might be planning your first family movie night. Either way, we’ve got some great ways to add pizzazz as you head in — to the movies.

Get Your Popcorn

Are you a movie popcorn fanatic? You can pick up buckets of popcorn at the grocery store ahead of your big family movie night that look just like the real theater popcorn. Some movie theaters also offer buttery, salty popcorn for sale for you to take home. Perhaps you prefer a gourmet take on your popcorn. Then, try mixing in your favorite candy or drizzling a fun topping on home-popped popcorn for your home theater experience.

Movie Candy Makeover

You might be a movie candy purist and insist on the boxes of Mike and Ikes or Whoppers just like the ones sold behind the counter at the movie theater. Those candies give us a lovely sense of nostalgia. But a fun twist for family movie night is to create your own candies and sweets. You could bake your favorite cookies, melt some yummy chocolates, or pick up some better-for-you cookies that feel like a delicious treat but won’t pump you or your kiddos full of sugar right before bedtime.

Home Theater Themes

A few simple tweaks can take family movie night from a regular night to an event. Creating a theme can add a fun element that gets kids and adults alike excited. Try dressing in cute and matching pajamas, or make a tray of snacks that go with the theme of the movie. Putting up a few decorations can affect the mood and atmosphere. Going for a theme is a cool way to watch a movie series.

Lights and Sounds

One of the most exciting parts of seeing a movie in the theater is the booming sound and the mesmerizing screen. You can bring home some of that movie magic on a smaller scale. Adding LED lights or a few speakers attached to the TV can add a lot of oomph to your home movie. A soundbar is an easy way to amplify the sounds for a movie without breaking the bank.

Another option if you’ve got the space is to try a movie projector. Good quality projectors are easier to get than ever. All you need is a blank wall. Many projectors connect to your DVD or Blu-Ray player with no fuss. Taking a family movie night outdoors is an amazing experience — just don’t forget the bug spray.

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Revamp Your Family Movie Night

Whether you’re creating a new family tradition or revamping a tried-and-true activity, these essentials are sure to add fun. Your loved ones will look forward to it, whether it’s a weekly or a monthly event. A family movie night is a great way to connect and spend quality time together. Staying in never sounded so exciting!

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