Pack Up These Snacks For Pool Days

Long, sweltering days can only mean one thing: summer is here! And as you all know, summer in the south is an entirely new level of hot some days. When the mercury climbs to unreasonable levels in your outdoor thermometer, there’s only one thing to do — head to the... [read more]

Million Mile Warranty At Tuscaloosa Hyundai

We know, we know, you’re suspicious. What do we mean when we say you’ll get our Million Mile Warranty when you shop at Tuscaloosa Hyundai? It's not a gimmick. When we offer you our Million Mile Warranty, we're providing you with security and peace of mind. Tuscaloosa Hyundai wants you to... [read more]

Treat Your Taste Buds To A Tuscaloosa Favorite: Heritage House

Young couple sharing coffee and pastries
Out-of-towners might ask for that one infamous coffee chain, but Tuscaloosa natives know where to find the most neighborly cup o’ Joe: Heritage House Coffee & Tea. If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee and a fresh-baked pastry served in a warm atmosphere, Heritage House has got you.... [read more]

Take A Stroll At Tuscaloosa Riverwalk

Unrecognizable man on paddle board at sunset
Tuscaloosa is a beautiful place, so why spend the day inside? Put on your walking shoes and head to the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk for some time outside. You can explore 4.2 miles of paved paths when you visit the Riverwalk. You’ll also get to take in amazing views of the city... [read more]

Homemade Double Cheese Buns To Accompany Your Burgers

Hamburger buns
Do you love a good burger but are tired of the same old buns? Infuse some extra flavor into your burgers by making Homemade Double Cheese Buns. These buns are soft, cheesy, and so full of flavor that you’ll never want to eat a regular bun again. Ingredients for Double Cheese... [read more]

Buy Your Ride Online From Tuscaloosa Hyundai

Businesswoman working on laptop computer
Technology makes so many things easier, including buying a car. You can find and purchase your ride online from Tuscaloosa Hyundai. Then, the dealership will deliver the car to you, so you won’t have to leave home at all. Go over the process to know how to find your dream... [read more]

Unplug For Enhanced Summer Fun

Father and son putting a puzzle together
Do you feel like you’re constantly competing for attention with your kids’ devices? They are glued to the devices, and you want them to come up for air. You can limit screen time without having to argue about it by incorporating some fun activities into your daily schedule. Go over... [read more]

Customize Your Home With These Countertop Trends

Wood table top on blur kitchen counter
Your kitchen is more than a place to prepare food. It’s a gathering place for your family, and you want it to look its best. You can accomplish that by incorporating some countertop trends. Go over some of the most popular countertop trends for 2021. These trends are hot now... [read more]

Gift Your College Grad Something Special

Female cooking dinner, following a meal kit recipe
Graduating from college is the most significant milestone in a young person’s life. You want to commemorate the occasion with a gift, but you aren’t sure what to get. Check out some amazing gift ideas for college graduates. These ideas will make it easy to find something perfect for graduation... [read more]

100k Mile Car Maintenance Tips

Driver inspecting their car with the hood popped.
Do you want your car to last for 100,000 miles or more? If so, you need to follow a regular car maintenance schedule. With the right maintenance, your car can reach the coveted 100k mark and keep going. Check out some of the most important maintenance tips to keep your... [read more]