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Signs That Your Oil Needs To Be Changed

Signs That Your Oil Needs To Be Changed
Your vehicle depends on oil to keep functioning properly, which is why routine oil changes are essential to your vehicle's performance. The oil in your vehicle helps lubricate your engine's moving components so it doesn't overheat. Whenever you drive your vehicle, the oil collects dirt and debris and, over time,... [read more]

Make Sure Your Tires Are Road Safe

Using a penny to check tread depth on a tire
The tires on your vehicle are its only points of contact with the road. They’re essential to your safety as well as the vehicle’s performance, so it’s vital to keep reliable tires on your car wherever you go. Wear and tear are inevitable, and even the most durable tires eventually... [read more]

Why Hyundai Dealership Service Is Better

Mechanic balancing a tire in auto repair shop
Vehicle maintenance is inevitable. Eventually, you'll need an oil change, new tires, replacement parts, and more. When that time comes, do you know where to go to get your maintenance done? Getting your vehicle serviced at Tuscaloosa Hyundai has benefits that outweigh those of an independent mechanic. Discover the pros... [read more]