Make Sure Your Tires Are Road Safe

Using a penny to check tread depth on a tire

The tires on your vehicle are its only points of contact with the road. They’re essential to your safety as well as the vehicle’s performance, so it’s vital to keep reliable tires on your car wherever you go. Wear and tear are inevitable, and even the most durable tires eventually loose the traction they need to perform dependably. When that time comes, you’ll need to replace them, so keep an eye on the quality of your tire tread with these tips.

Try the Penny Test

You might have already heard of one of the easiest ways to check your tire tread–the penny test. For this method, all you need is a penny, so turn it upside down so that Abe Lincoln’s head points toward the tire, then insert it into the deepest part of the tire’s grooves. If you can still see the top of Lincoln’s head, the tread has worn down too far, below 2/23 of an inch. At that point, it can no longer promise the grip you need to drive safely, so it’s time for that tire to be replaced.

Check the Wear Bar

There’s a way to check your tread depth even if you don’t have any pennies on-hand. Tires typically come with a built-in indicator called the wear bar. This should appear as a solid bar of rubber positioned perpendicular to the grooves. If the tire is in good shape, the wear bar should be found deep within the grooves, but if the tread has worn down so low that the bar is even with the tread, then the tire is too worn to rely on. Like the penny test, this would indicate that the tread has reached 2/23 of an inch, and is due to be replaced.

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